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About ONG: Your Trusted Partner in Navigating Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The secret to the glittering skyline of Dubai lies not just in the architectural marvels that punctuate its horizon but also in the myriad of real estate opportunities it provides. At the heart of this fascinating landscape is ONG, a company that leads the charge in providing exciting and rewarding real estate investment opportunities.


ONG: Redefining Business Support Services


At ONG, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive business support services that meet the varied needs of our clients. Regardless of your scale or scope – whether you’re a small start-up making your first foray into the business world, an independent freelancer seeking new ventures, or a multinational corporation with an eye on global expansion – our bespoke solutions are designed to facilitate your unique journey.


Dubai’s forward-thinking government policies, including attractive tax incentives and streamlined company registration procedures, provide a conducive business environment that is recognized globally. At ONG, we leverage these advantages to help our clients set up their businesses quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team offers a suite of services that ensure your journey is profitable and hassle-free.


A Centre for Growth and Prosperity

Setting up a company in Dubai Mainland is rife with advantages. It’s a vibrant and attractive destination for investors due to its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and diversified economy that is not dependent on oil. The freedom to trade with any company, anywhere in Dubai and the UAE, is a standout benefit of the Mainland.


At ONG, we bring you closer to these opportunities. With our in-depth market knowledge and extensive network of partnerships, we guide you through the nuances of investing in the Mainland. We strive to make your business setup as straightforward as possible, helping you navigate the procedures, regulations, and licensing requirements, making your investment journey smoother and more successful.


Embracing Opportunities in Dubai’s Free Zones

For those looking for a more accessible entry point into Dubai’s business landscape, the Free Zones offer an excellent alternative. Characterized by minimal paperwork and quicker setup times, these specially designated areas are designed to attract foreign investors. The freedom to fully own your business, tax exemptions, and flexible government policies make these Free Zones an attractive option for investors.


When setting up a business in the Free Zones, you can choose between two types of legal entities, with differences primarily in the number of shareholders and the nature of the shareholder (individual or corporate). The process, although relatively more straightforward, requires careful navigation. At ONG, we extend our expertise to ensure your setup process is seamless.


Ensuring a Smooth Business Registration and Licensing Process

Each Free Zone has its own set of rules and regulations, and companies within them are governed accordingly. To secure the necessary approvals, you need to apply with specific documents which vary based on the type of business activity, the type of company, and the Free Zone authority’s requirements.


ONG assists you at every step, helping you understand the regulations, compile the necessary documents, and submit your application. Our experience and understanding of the system ensure your business registration and licensing process is smooth, swift, and without any hurdles.


Steps for Business Setup in Free ZonesDocuments Required
Apply for pre-approvalsBusiness Plan, Passport Copies of Shareholders
Register your businessCompleted Application Form, Letter of Intent
Obtain your licensePayment of the Relevant Fees, Lease Agreement


Your Companion in Your Dubai Real Estate Journey

ONG is more than a real estate firm. We are partners in our clients’ quests for prosperity in Dubai’s lucrative real estate market. By offering comprehensive business setup services, we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, eliminating potential obstacles.


Dubai’s real estate market can be complex and challenging, especially for newcomers. But with ONG, you don’t have to worry about these complexities. We work tirelessly to ensure your real estate journey is profitable and enjoyable. We assist at every step, from identifying the right opportunities to closing the deal.


Why Choose ONG?

At ONG, we understand that our clients are not just investing in real estate; they are investing in their future. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our services are satisfactory and exceptional. Our team comprises industry experts with years of experience and an in-depth understanding of Dubai’s real estate market. We use this expertise to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities.


Working with ONG means choosing a partner that understands your needs and is committed to fulfilling them. We are dedicated to providing our clients personalized service, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed in Dubai’s thriving real estate market.


In conclusion, ONG is more than just a real estate company – we are a bridge to your successful future in Dubai’s vibrant real estate landscape. We strive to extend opportunities and build lasting partnerships. We don’t just sell real estate; we facilitate your dreams of growth and prosperity. Choose ONG, and let’s embark on a journey of success together.


Our experts and developers would love to contribute their expertise and insights and help you today.


    Our experts and developers would love to contribute their expertise and insights and help you today.

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