Emaar Creek Waters


Resting in the pulsing heart of Dubai, Emaar Creek Waters is a symbol of luxury and architectural magnificence. A gem within this splendid realm is the Meraas Design Quarter, a remarkable milestone in luxury real estate investments. As we delve deeper into the treasures that await you in this world-class establishment, we invite you to explore how ONG Real Estate, your trusted real estate partner, can assist in your investment journey. With unrivaled expertise in Dubai’s luxury real estate market, we are committed to ‘Extending Opportunities’ for our clients.

Our professional team at ONG Real Estate prides itself on offering personalized services, local market insights, and comprehensive support to help you make an informed and profitable investment. Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced buyer, our mission is to deliver seamless, hassle-free, and successful real estate experiences. Now, let’s embark on a journey through the Meraas Design Quarter, a project that signifies a real estate investment and a lifestyle upgrade.

Immerse Yourself in Unprecedented Luxury

The Meraas Design Quarter, sitting amidst the gorgeous landscape of Dubai Creek Harbour encapsulates a vision of luxury living that is truly unique. It is home to an exquisite collection of 1 to 4-bedroom waterfront apartments, 3-bedroom townhouses, and a palatial 5-bedroom penthouse. Each dwelling is a symphony of innovative architecture and striking aesthetics, promising residents an elevated and unparalleled living experience.

Embellished with attractive interiors and bathed in radiant natural aesthetics, these homes offer more than just a place to live. They are sanctuaries of tranquility, offering awe-inspiring views from expansive balconies and spacious rooms. Investing in a property at the Meraas Design Quarter means investing in a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary, something that ONG Real Estate can guide you through, ensuring you make the best choice that aligns with your lifestyle aspirations and investment goals.

The thoughtful architecture extends beyond the personal living spaces, integrating seamlessly with the ambient lighting that illuminates each corner of your abode. This careful crafting of internal spaces makes each home a place of comfort and a work of art, making it a spectacular investment opportunity. With ONG Real Estate, you can have peace of mind knowing experts are guiding you to owning one of these architectural marvels.

Experience the Magic of Extravagant Amenities

Meraas Design Quarter is not merely a collection of luxury residences but a holistic lifestyle destination. It offers enviable amenities that blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Here, you can indulge in the vibrancy of beach and city life, engage in various sports activities, take strolls along tree-lined walkways, and enjoy the bliss of picnics in beautifully landscaped areas.

This residence delivers an exceptional lifestyle in the heart of Dubai, thanks to its blend of tranquility and dynamism. Each day at the Meraas Design Quarter brings a chance to immerse in new experiences and opportunities. With ONG Real Estate by your side, you’re not just buying property but acquiring an entirely new lifestyle filled with enriching experiences and luxurious amenities.

The Meraas Design Quarter represents a transformative opportunity for those aspiring to elevate their way of living. With prime location connectivity and proximity to retail outlets, spas, malls, and beaches, it’s a dream residence for anyone seeking a blend of leisure and city life. With ONG Real Estate, this dream can become a reality. We provide bespoke real estate solutions, ensuring you secure an ideal home that meets your needs and preferences.

Relish in State-of-the-Art Facilities

Meraas Design Quarter boasts many world-class facilities catering to various aspects of residents’ lives, from entertainment and health to retail and leisure. These include BBQ Areas, Fitness Centre, Outdoor Gymnasium, Schools and Institutes, Sports Court, Outdoor Dining Area, Community Hall, Jogging Trails, Restaurant and Cafe, Shopping Mall, Kids Park, Kids Play Area, Running Track, Spa, Sauna, and Tennis Courts. Each of these facilities reflects the commitment of Meraas to create a fully integrated community that fosters a luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

The entire development serves as a paradise for residents, catering to their every need and desire. ONG Real Estate understands the importance of these features for potential residents and investors. We can provide detailed insights about each facility, helping you understand how they can enhance your lifestyle and boost your investment’s value. The guidance of our real estate experts ensures that you capture the total value of your investment in this unique property.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast seeking state-of-the-art gym facilities or a family looking for well-equipped kids’ play areas and schools, Meraas Design Quarter caters to all your requirements. Our professional team at ONG Real Estate is ready to guide you through the various facilities, ensuring you find a residence that perfectly matches your lifestyle needs and preferences.

Your New Home’s Layouts and Floor Plans

Meraas Design Quarter has been thoughtfully designed to offer residents a variety of floor plans, catering to different space requirements and lifestyle preferences. Whether you are a single professional seeking a 1-bedroom apartment or a growing family needing a 4-bedroom residence with a maid’s room, Meraas Design Quarter has got you covered.

At ONG Real Estate, we understand that choosing the proper layout and floor plan is vital to selecting a new home. Our experienced professionals will work with you to understand your needs and guide you in selecting a floor plan that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Please find the detailed floor plans for various units in the table below:

Property Tower Unit Type Unit Variant Size Property Type
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour – Emaar Properties 57 Tower A 1 Bedroom Type A, Variant 1 732.27 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour – Emaar Properties 58 Tower A 2 Bedroom Type A, Variant 1 1099.32 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour – Emaar Properties 59 Tower A 3 Bedrooms + Maid Type A, Variant 1 1917.11 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour – Emaar Properties 60 Tower A 4 Bedrooms + Maid Type A, Variant 1 2277.22 Sq Ft Apartment

About the Developer: Meraas

Meraas is synonymous with the evolution of Dubai as a global real estate investment destination. The developer’s commitment to creating world-class landmarks has been instrumental in shaping Dubai’s real estate landscape, reinforcing its position as a coveted investment hub.

Meraas’s legacy encompasses an extensive portfolio of master developments, land, and properties that redefine luxury living experiences. With its deep understanding of Dubai’s real estate market, ONG Real Estate can help you navigate Meraas’s varied portfolio, ensuring you find a property that aligns with your investment and lifestyle objectives.

Investing in a Meraas property through ONG Real Estate allows you to choose an assured path to profitable real estate investment. Our team’s comprehensive knowledge of Meraas’s developments allows us to provide accurate and timely market insights, ensuring you make an informed investment decision.

The Advantage of Off-Plan Investments

Opting for off-plan property investments in the heart of Dubai ensures impressive returns on investment (ROIs) ranging from 12-15%. This opportunity lets you own your dream luxury property while enjoying excellent payment plans. Meraas Design Quarter, as a Meraas project, offers all these advantages, making it a worthy investment choice.

ONG Real Estate specializes in off-plan property investments. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from market analysis to sales strategy, ensuring a smooth and profitable investment process. We believe an informed investor is booming, so we take the time to guide you through the intricacies of off-plan investments.

Whether you’re looking for apartments, villas, or penthouses, ONG Real Estate can help you easily navigate the process. Our extensive experience and deep market insights are at your disposal, helping you make a sound investment that can secure your financial future.

In Conclusion

The Meraas Design Quarter at Emaar Creek Waters is more than a real estate development. It represents a lifestyle transformation, offering prospective investors the chance to be part of a vibrant, luxurious community in Dubai’s heart. This opportunity requires a reliable and knowledgeable real estate partner, and that’s where ONG Real Estate comes in.

ONG Real Estate brings a wealth of local market insights and unparalleled service, offering potential investors a seamless, informed, and profitable investment journey. We believe in extending our clients’ opportunities and providing personalized services that meet their needs. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you, ensuring your investment in the Meraas Design Quarter is a decision you’ll always be proud of.

Key Highlights:

  • Luxurious apartments, townhouses and a state of the art penthouse
  • An iconic tower with a modern architectural style
  • A high-class sustainable development at Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Access to beaches and creek promenade, retails at doorstep
  • A stunning resort-style amenities podium with a wide range of activities
  • Proximity to Creek Marina, Harbour Promenade and Central Park
  • World-class advanced amenities of entertainment, health and pleasures
Master Plan

Master Plan

  • BBQ Areas
    BBQ Areas
  • Fitness Centre
    Fitness Centre
  • Outdoor Gymnasium
    Outdoor Gymnasium
  • Schools and Institutes
    Schools and Institutes
  • Sports Court
    Sports Court
  • Outdoor Dining Area
    Outdoor Dining Area
  • Community Hall
    Community Hall
  • Jogging Trails
    Jogging Trails
  • Restaurant and Cafe
    Restaurant and Cafe
  • Shopping Mall
    Shopping Mall
  • Kids Park
    Kids Park
  • Fitness Centre
    Fitness Centre
  • Kids Play Area
    Kids Play Area
  • Running Track
    Running Track
  • Spa and Sauna
    Spa and Sauna
  • Tennis Courts
    Tennis Courts

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Floor Plan Category Unit Type Floor Details Sizes Type
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour - Emaar Properties 141
Tower A 1 Bedroom Type A, Variant 1 732.27 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour - Emaar Properties 142
Tower A 2 Bedroom Type A, Variant 1 1099.32 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour - Emaar Properties 143
Tower A 3 Bedrooms + Maid Type A, Variant 1 1917.11 Sq Ft Apartment
Creek Waters at Dubai Creek Harbour - Emaar Properties 144
Tower A 4 Bedrooms + Maid Type A, Variant 1 2277.22 Sq Ft Apartment


Dining Outlets

Where good food is served to people, often in a formal way.


For those who want to remain fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health Care Centre

World class health care centers with top notch facilities.

Kids Play Area

An area used for outdoor play or recreation, especially by children


Treat your inner foodie by serving authentic flavors.

Retail Outlets

Offers everything you need to sustain your lifestyle.


A self-service shop offering a wide variety of food & household products.

Swimming Pool

The best place to head when you want to relax and rejuvenate.


Location Map


  • Burj Khalifa 19 Minutes
  • Creek Marina 05 Minutes
  • Downtown Dubai 15 Minutes
  • Dubai International Airport 10 Minutes
  • Jumeirah Beach 22 Minutes
  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary 07 Minutes

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About The Developer

Meraas is committed to creating and consistently delivering developments that strengthen Dubai’s position as a global real estate investment destination of choice.

Offering an extensive range of master developments, land, and property, Meraas continues its legacy of developing well-known destinations and prominent landmarks, creating well-designed and coveted lifestyle experiences.


Off-Plan Advantages

Off-plan property investments ensure 12-15% ROIs. Buy property and get profit. Own Your Dream Luxury Property in the Heart of Dubai. Register your interest now. All projects. Luxury complexes. Freehold property. Excellent payment plans. Types: Apartments, Villas, Penthouses.

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